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  • Creation & transmission
    Our collections of accessories, tableware, ready-to-wear, and home decor have been designed and crafted with a deep respect for raw materials, working hand in hand with artisans of unparalleled expertise. Highlighting these craftsmanship and artisanal production techniques are fundamental elements and values of Aum. By collaborating with artisans, we develop high-quality pieces that are more environmentally friendly and built to last over time.
  • The Selection of Our Materials
    We select our materials based on specific criteria such as quality, touch, strength, durability, as well as their impact on the price and their environmental impact. These criteria are taken into account at every stage of creation and production in order to create the most responsible collections at fair prices. We prioritize natural materials to avoid the use of synthetic materials that consist of plastic and pollute the oceans.
  • Our production
    We are committed to producing as many of our items as possible in France and Europe, with a focus on showcasing craftsmanship, raw materials, and artisanal skills. Highlighting this 'Made in Europe' aspect is one of the primary goals of our brand. We manufacture our decoration collections, as well as our accessories, leather pieces, and ready-to-wear items in France. Some of our production takes place in the rest of the world for economic reasons, as well as due to raw material availability and production capacity. In the short term, we aim to expand our structure to centralize all our production in Europe. We ensure that all our collaborators share our philosophy regarding respect for the planet and working conditions.
  • Our Mini-Collections
    Since our inception, we have defined important values around craftsmanship, transmission, and creativity. That is why our collections are developed with artisans of unparalleled expertise and produced in small batches to limit overstock.
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