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It's the story of two sisters guided by a common passion for fashion and design who embarked on an adventure by creating their brand in 2020. One comes from a fashion school, the other from a design school.

"We wanted to create a brand that reflects our expectations and desires, with a sensitive and authentic approach, a certain sensuality, a new classicism, which means respect, sensitivity, value placed on both concept and content as well as form, a genuinely thought-out process.

Inspiration & Heritage

We grew up in the world of catering, with a father who was a chef and a mother who was a sommelier. They instilled in us their passion for seasonal produce and the importance of working closely with local producers.

This love for nature has inspired our work. The Aum collections and their variations in decoration, tableware, accessories, and ready-to-wear are an opportunity to express the very broad spectrum of our universes and to create numerous unique collaborations.

All the pieces have been crafted with a focus on respecting the materials and favoring the local supply chain.

Working hand in hand with artisans with unmatched expertise is one of the founding principles of Aum.

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